Who We Are

Welcome to “KITIST INDIA formerly Royal Kite Flyers’ Club” and be a part of a global event managed by Genius Foundation, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

The Kitist India is India’s First and Largest Kite Community of passionate kite flyers eager to promote the activity of kiting in all its various aspects. After flying kites together at a regular time and location for a number of years, the enthusiastic members formed in 2008.

Kitist India principles of sharing this interest and knowledge gained for all and serve as a contact point for information about kites in India and around the world. As the pastime of kite flying has grown, so has the need to provide a range of kite-related information. Kiting involves not only the enjoyment of flying but includes the aspects of design, engineering, aerodynamics, experimentation, and innovation as well as the cultural and historic side of kiting.

Paavan Solanki & Akash Solanki are Founders and professional kitists who chose to share their interests and knowledge of kites freely with other of like-mind people around the world.

Kitist India is a fanatic group of 300+ Kite Makers, Kite Designers, and Kite Flyers. It has been part of paramount international kite festivals. We have organized kite festivals in various parts of India like Delhi, Chandigarh, Nasik, Kerala, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Goa, Pune, and in International – Dubai, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. They used the medium of kites to promote kite culture, educate children, and to introduce our rich cultural heritage to the world.

Kitist India is a non-profit organization managed by GENIUS FOUNDATION dedicated to educating the public in the art, history, technology, and practice of making and flying kites for Cause.

To Promote and Foster Kite Flying in the World
To Promote Indian Culture and Tradition to the world.
To promote kite flying as a means of recreation and culture in India
To promote safety in kiting in India
To Kite Flying Education and Entertainment for Disabled People
To Establish international links with other Kite flyer associations and Clubs across the world
To Organize International Kite Festival for Tourism Promotion.

For kite flyers, the Sky is not the limit. They fly kites with gusto and zest aiming high.


The club strongly believes in the sense of freedom implied by a flying kite. The club also embraces the concept of promoting kiting as a medium for upholding ethnic Indian kite culture and traditions.


Our Foundation Support Minor and Specially Abled people and organizations. We teach kite flying for Disability Group and announce the first ever Disability Kite Flying Club in India People. Disabilities people can also fly kites and enjoy the taste of freedom.