A Little Rokkaku Kite History

A Rokkaku kite is used for recreation and has some other interesting purposes as well. This type of kite is very popular in many parts of the world. In fact, they fall into several types and classifications kites today. Most countries have their own unique style of kite. But in Japan, they are called Rokkaku kites.

This type of kite is not just for pleasure flying only but it is used for kite warfare. Literally, it’s a battle between two or more kites by knocking the opponents out of the sky is the name of the game for the winner. One method is to attach glass chips to the control line used to rub and cut the opponent’s control line. Kite warfare is very popular among enthusiasts adding excitement and bigger challenge to kite piloting skills.

Rokkaku kites have been a part of history in Japan for a long time. According to some researchers, these kites go back as far as the very early 16 hundreds. During this time period, Japan had many connections with other countries. There were so many things that influenced Japan and one of them was the art of kite flying. The concept of kites came to Japan only for pleasure flying purposes only. As time passed by, the Japanese give added some of their own culture and some of their own design to kites which gave birth and discovery to the now well-known kite called “Rokkaku”.

Rokkaku kites are original designs made by the Japanese. They acquired some of the concepts of flying kites from other countries about a pilot flying one by a string while he was on the ground. It has a hexagon shape being stretched vertically. It has a middle vertical spar that runs from the top edge to the bottom edge. Two spars run across the middle spar touching the other four edges of the hexagon shape. It has no tail or wings and is just a plain hexagonal kite. Its designs often come with Japanese art painted on them.

The Japanese have added more excitement to flight by having battles in the sky with them. The purpose of kite battles is to take down an enemy’s kite to the ground as its main objective. The Japanese kite enthusiast focused on developing the kite to make it more stable and able to win in any kite battle.

There is a temple in Kyoto that is hexagonal in shape. Its name is somewhat related to the Rokkaku kite. Some historians are confused about which came first, the kite or the temple. Some say that the design of the kite was patterned after the temple thinking that it originated in that place. And some historians think that the hexagonal shape of the kite has been used as the inspiration for those who built the temple. Even with the controversy it makes an interesting story for the type of kite.

The Rokkaku kites have been around since entertaining spectators in many parts of the world. You can find Rokkaku competitions all over the world to watch the battle between two pilots or between many pilots at the same time. With the invention of more durable materials, we have today defeating an opponent can be tough competition.

With the sketchy history and no real clear account of who discovered them, many are very happy that the knowledge of Rokkaku kites is passed down to us today. The hours of entertainment afforded by these kites provide much fun, excitement, and recreation in many parts of the world.

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